Pick which sleeve you need based on the description below or find out more.

Our soft prosthetic designed for children under 3 years old is COMING SOON!


New design COMING SOON!

The Delta Mitt.

For Below Elbow and Through Wrist.

The Delta Mitt combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve custom made to fit you with a range of clip-on tools that give 100's of new opportunities to the wearer. The Mitt is being replaced by a new design called the ALX that will be available soon.

The Paww.

For Partial Hands and Partial Fingers.

The Paww combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve that still allows for wrist movement and use of partial fingers but also allowing the user to clip on a range of useful tools.


Pick which tool(s) you need by finding out more about them.

The Rushton

Inspired by John, Koalaas resident craftsman!

For gripping a range of larger objects.

The Rushton is a large bulldog clip gripper that can be used to hold glasses, mugs, a hoover, mop or brush handle and many more.

Rushton tool no background 2.png

The Taylor

Inspired by Hilary, an amazing artist!

A 360 twist tool that holds more precise objects

The Taylor is a multi-functional tool that holds a huge range of objects such as pens, paint brushes, cutlery, cooking utensils and rackets.

The Kitty

Inspired by Kitty, 5 year old bike rider!

A tool with a ball joint and lock.

The Kitty is especially useful for holding the handle bars of a bike or scooter, but can also be used to hold many more objects. 

The Amy

Inspired by Amy, Hero's mum.

For gripping smaller, more precise objects

The Amy is a smaller more precise gripper that can be used to grip smaller items such as a mobile phone or a book.

Amy tool no background 2.png

The Grace

Inspired by Grace, an amazing musician.

A rotating guitar pick tool.

For playing the guitar or a similar instrument. This tool rotates to achieve the correct angle for playing.