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Pick which sleeve you need based on the description below to find out more.

The ALX.

For Below Elbow and Through Wrist.

The ALX combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve custom made to fit you with a range of clip-on tools that give 100's of new opportunities to the wearer. 

The Paww.

For Partial Hands and Partial Fingers.

The Paww combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve that still allows for wrist movement and use of partial fingers but also allowing the user to clip on a range of useful tools.

The Joeyy.

For babies and toddlers under 3 years old with Below Elbow and Partial Hand Limb Difference.

The Joeyy combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve. It has a built in fabric tool with a velcro strap to hold a range of objects and toys. It can lay flat to wrap around your child's arm easily and the adjustable straps enable the Joeyy to grow with your child!

Joeyy Social Media Launch-10.png


Personalise your ALX, pick which cover you like from our awesome range of covers. 

The ALX Covers.

For ALX sleeves.

Pick from our awesome range of covers to personalise your sleeve, we have a choice of plain pop colours as well as some amazing patterns designed in-house by Lauren and Esme.

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