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Say hello to the Joeyy!

For babies and toddlers under 3 years old with Below Elbow, Through Wrists, partial hands and fingers.

The Joeyy Sarah combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve custom made to fit you with a built in handle bar tool supporting with activities such as using bikes, scooters, balancers and prams.


Your perfect introduction to prosthetics


A Furry Friend


What might your little one name their Joeyy companion?




When they’re not whizzing along with the walker, your little one can cuddle up with their snuggly Joeyy.


For Under 3's


With no swallowable parts, the Joeyy is safe for babies from birth right up until the age of three.




We all know that babies and toddlers like to chew, so simply pop your Joeyy in the machine with your regular washing when it needs a little freshen up.

Start your Koalaa Journey

Step 1

Get In Touch

To get started get in touch by filling in our contact form below and a Limb Buddy will be assigned to you who will send you all the details to measure your limb for an Joeyy and to get you started on your Koalaa journey!

Get Stated
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Step 2

Pick Your Design

Check out all of our Koalaa tools to find one that fits the activity you would like to do! Let your Limb Buddy know your choice or chat with them to help you pick.

Step 3

Try It Out!

Your sleeve will be in the post within 1-2 weeks and on its way to you! Once it arrives try it out on all your favourite activities and let us know what you think by getting in touch with your Limb Buddy or tagging us online!

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