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Limitless LimbBo

Adam at Limbbo Foundation is one of those special people who once he heard about Project Limitless and the difference it could make, simply had to get on board. What an inspirational gentlemen with the heart to provide 12 more children with free access to a Koalaa soft prosthetic.


Our work with Charities

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"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."


We are currently working with Douglas Bader Foundation to continue Project Limitless, which aims to provide every child in the UK access to a free soft prosthetic arm.

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Limitless Reach

Together we have allowed 50 more children in the UK to live life without limits. Reach pioneered Project Limitless with Koalaa and we are looking to expand the program to more children throughout the UK.

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Douglas Bader Foundation

Without Douglas Bader it is fair to say that the concept of a soft prosthetic would never have got off the ground. Douglas Bader provided the initial capital to create the first prototype soft prosthetics.

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Limitless Limb Power

Limb Power was launched in November 2009 to engage amputees and individuals with limb impairments in physical activity, sport and the arts to improve quality of life and to aid lifelong rehabilitation.

I Am Possible Foundation

I Am Possible Foundation believe that through increasing visibility, creating a community, information/resource sharing and events we will equip and empower individuals with limb differences to challenge perceptions of ability and overcome obstacles.
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We would be very interested in setting up projects to help more people with limb loss around the world. If you are a Charity or another type of organisation in the UK or overseas, please contact us to discuss next steps.

Future Partnerships


If you wish to help us provide soft prosthetics to more children in the UK please donate directly to one of the three amazing charities by clicking on the links below.

You can also support our other amazing charities by clicking the following links:



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