Register your child for Project Limitless.
Each child registered will be offered a free Koalaa prosthetic once our funding target has been reached. We have received donations to provide 100 Koalaa prosthetics already!

What is #ProjectLimitless?

#ProjectLimitless aims to give every child who needs one access to a prosthetic arm.​ It is a bold ambition, but one that we are trying very hard to accomplish, with the help of some fantastic charities and amazing donors.

In the UK, the project has already provided 100 children with a prosthetic arm, through partnerships with charities including Douglas Bader Foundation, Reach, Limbbo and Limb Power - but we know there are many more who need one.

#ProjectLimitless outside of the UK

Outside of the UK, #ProjectLimitless is also working with partners in Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone, where the consequences of war and low incomes mean support in accessing prosthetics is desperately needed.

The Douglas Bader Foundation will be working with the collation of UK charities involved in #ProjectLimitless, to find and support those children who need a prosthetic arm.

Koalaa has been identified as the service provider of the prosthetics to have the highest impact from the funds raised.

How does Project Limitless work?

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