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Say hello to the ALX!

The ALX is the perfect fit for below elbow and partial wrists. Made up of a flexible sleeve with a soft fabric cover to hold it in place, the ALX is unlike any other prosthetic on the market. Whereas most rigid prosthetics rely on friction, suction or a pin lock mechanism,  the ALX grips more like sportswear, strong, soft and snug. 

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Lightweight & Comfortable


As supportive as a training shoe and equally as lightweight, your Koalaa sleeve will wrap around your arm like a hug.


Don & Doff Tools


Simply pull back the cover, pop your arm in attached your tool and go! It’s as simple as that!


​​Ages 3 years+


Simple and easy enough, these sleeves are suitable even for some of our youngest users.




Top tip! Remove the tool and then pop the whole sleeve in a pillowcase and throw in the washer on 30 degrees!

Start your Koalaa Journey

Step 1

Get In Touch

To get started get in touch by filling in our contact form below and a Limb Buddy will be assigned to you who will send you all the details to measure your limb for an ALX and to get you started on your Koalaa journey!

Get Stated
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Step 2

Pick Your Activity

Check out all of our Koalaa tools to find one that fits the activity you would like to do! Let your Limb Buddy know your choice or chat with them to help you pick.

Step 3

Make It Yours

Create your own or pick from our beautifully designed covers to personalise your ALX sleeve.

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Step 4

Try It Out!

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Your sleeve will be in the post within 1-2 weeks and on its way to you! Once it arrives try it out on all your favourite activities and let us know what you think by getting in touch with your Limb Buddy or tagging us online!

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