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Our users:
The real designers behind our Koalaa prosthetics


"One moment that really stands out for me though, was when she was helping us paint an outside wall. She picked up her cup in one hand, while her Koalaa prosthetic held on to the paintbrush. Holding two objects, one in each hand, may sound like a really simple thing, but it was quite emotive for me." - Amy, Hero's mum.

Hero Halloween Sleeve_edited.jpg
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These are the real designers of the Delta Mitt, hear our user's stories straight from the heart.

"Break out of your comfort zone and try something new. There hasn’t been anything like this on the market before and it could provide a way to make your life easier and more enjoyable, whether you’re passionate about painting, cooking, or even drumming! You won’t regret it."



"I continue to be amazed by how much I can do with my Koalaa sleeve! It has literally changed my life. It’s absolutely brilliant and I use it so much!! For starters, I can hold a cup of tea (in a proper cup!), cut up my own food, fill in forms and write birthday cards. My family think it’s great too."

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"John has found a new sense of joy, with his Koalaa prosthetic enabling him to continue doing the things he loves, as well as trying things he’s never done before. In John’s words, ‘the process has been amazing – the things I’ve been able to do, from cooking to building a birdhouse – a variety of things, it’s given me the ability to do things I really enjoyed doing again."


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"I think Koalaa prosthetics are an amazing invention. Being able to chop a carrot or hold a paint brush may sound like small things, but they have had such a big impact for me. It is these seemingly little things that can change your life completely and that mean so much."

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"When Ryan’s prosthetic arrived, it was everything we expected it to be and more. Rather than being heavy and rigid like other prosthetics, which would end up rubbing, Koalaa is very light and made from soft material, meaning it’s very comfortable to wear."

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"Aurora was so excited when it arrived. She got it out the box and the first thing she did was decorate it – she was absolutely made up with it.Then she used it to ride her scooter round the garden before we went for a walk and she rode it round a big lake. She put her Koalaa sleeve on and just went for it! The fastest she’s ever been before!"

Aurora Wrigley trampoline (1).JPG
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"We also love that it doesn’t look like an arm, and her friends at school thought it was really cool!


Kitty says: “The best three things about it are riding my bike, how it screws on to my little arm and how I can colour it in to make it the only one like mine.”


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"Harriett loves arts and crafts and uses her Koalaa sleeve to draw, paint and write. She also uses it for playing the guitar, painting her nails and going up and down on her scooter and bike. It’s made a big difference, as before she was needing to lean quite heavily to compensate. Now she can sit up straight on her bike and we think it won’t be long before we can take the stabilisers off."

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Zak Artherton Howlett Kayaking (1).jpg


"Being able to skip has been another big thing for Zak and he amazed us with how well he could do it! He’s also recently started using his prosthetic to ride his bike. The first couple of times he was a little bit cautious but he soon worked it out. And he’s now working on mastering using it with cutlery."

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"My first impression was how modern it looked and also how light it was. My electric arm weights 2lbs and because of its shape I prefer to wear longer sleeves when using it. So, for one thing, my Koalaa has big benefits for the warmer, summer months!

I also like that it’s so comfortable and made from soft material. I look forward to showing it off when restrictions are lifted."

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Jake with his guitar.jpg

"It fits comfortably and is useful for some tasks I struggle with, like typing. I think it looks sleek and doesn’t stand out too much, which I think is a positive.


I use it for various things, but where it helps me the most is the confidence it gives me to do stuff day to day with my disability."


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"The Sarah tool is brilliant for riding her bike and scooter. She also loves her Nicole tool for surfing, occasional cartwheeling and wore it to sports day - where the other children saw it and thought it was really cool too.


She also uses her Koalaa to play the guitar. Before we had it, we used to have to tape the plectrum onto her little arm, so this is much better."

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If you would like to buy a Koalaa Soft Prosthetic, contact us.


Otherwise if you can call us, email us or fill in the form on our contact page. Or, you can read some of our FAQs.

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