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At Koalaa we make comfortable, affordable prosthetics for all ages coupled with peer to peer support.
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About Us

Get ready to enter a whole new world of prosthetics, where users take the lead, access is paramount and every creation is tailor-made for maximum comfort and functionality. 

At Koalaa, our users are the driving force behind our innovation. By amplifying their voices, we gain a profound understanding of their unique needs and aspirations. This enables us to create prosthetics that go beyond comfort and affordability, offering intuitive designs that empower users to approach tasks in new and innovative ways.

No matter the location our world first design means that our products can be fit by one of our team in just 15 minutes or via our remote Limb Buddy service.


What the 


are saying...

Our users have become an incredible limb different community who love to share their experiences with Koalaa.  

Our Awards

We are delighted to share that Koalaa has received prestigious awards in recognition of our commitment to innovation and inclusion.


Among these accolades, we are proud recipients of the 2022 Blackwood Design Award for Best New Accessible Technology. Additionally, we have been honored with the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge award, highlighting our efforts to push boundaries in the fashion industry.

These recognitions further encourage us to continue breaking the mould and working toward our mission.

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