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Actively working with 20+ NHS and private clinicians to improve the design and supply of below elbow prothesis

We are currently trialling Koalaa with Clinics in:

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A Koalaa is a soft-shell prosthetic for below elbow amputees that is anchored by a cuff above the elbow with swappable tools. 

Koalaa prostheses are made of fabric meaning they are soft, comfortable and affordable.

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Easy donning & doffing

This benefit is so important that we had to give it it's own section. A Koalaa can be donned and doffed within seconds and without any training.


Velcro attachments that can accommodate swelling and shrinkage as the limb changes throughout the year. 

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500+ wearers

Over 500 people have worn Koalaa prostheses ranging from those with below elbow, partial fingers, partial wrist and partial palm limb differences.

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Everyday tasks

A Koalaa is great for simple and quick everyday tasks. Our users often slip this on to hoover, eat dinner or simply watch TV. Whilst not a replacement for a traditional prosthetic limb, it lets users do quick tasks simply.

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We think hobbies are extremely important. Activities that keep us amused and sane whilst the world carries on around us. As we get better at hobbies we are more inclined to want to do ever more complex and precise movements. That's why we can offer an array of tools specifically designed for playing a certain instruments, sport or games. Always in development, please contact us for options.


Priced around the same cost as a new smart phone rather than a small car. 


For specifics please contact us

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