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Alex Lewis preparing to try the Day one ALX Prosthetic for the first time

Koalaa Soft Prosthetics are actively seeking innovative clinicians and clinics to help develop a service that will support your patient and your practice from day one.

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Clinic Testimonial

Co- Owner of Prosthetic Innovations and pioneer of Team PROLIMB, Michael Rayer reflects on the impact of Koalaa on his patients prosthetic journey.

We are excited to introduce 3 new technologies to your practice.


  • Fit on day one - Our patented “fit-in-15” minute prosthetic offers clinicians “day one” fitting for adults & children’s prosthetics from the age of 3 yrs.. 

  • Earlier rehabilitation - our new “day one” sleeve can be fitted within 48 hrs of surgery

  • Soft & flexible fit - Our patented soft & flexible fabric prosthetics allow many solutions from one simple kit.


Be a pioneer of the prosthetics industry, download our pdf and join the movement today.

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Fit on Day One

At Koalaa we have successfully piloted a first-of-a-kind soft prosthetic that can be used by amputees just a few hours post-surgery. 

Actively working with 20+ NHS and private clinicians to improve the design and supply of below elbow prothesis

We are currently trialling Koalaa with Clinics in:

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What the 


are saying...

Our users have become an incredible limb different community who love to share their experiences with Koalaa.  


 Tel: +44 7868 733 294   |

Want to speak to our CEO about working with us? You can call us, email us or fill in the form on our contact page. 

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