How much does the Delta Mitt cost?

The basic package starts at £500 and increases in cost depending on how many tools and / or sleeves you require. For the latest pricing please see our web-shop. As a new company we are still working our final packages because we are finding that everyone's needs are very different. We have created a set of short-term COVID-19 packages that are available in our shop, but these may be subject to change post coronavirus.

Got another question?

Feel free to reach out to us on our contact page, or hi@yourkoalaa.com

Does the Delta Mitt fit partial hand, fingers or above elbow limb differences?

Unfortunately the Delta Mitt is not suitable for people with partial hand or partial fingers, or above elbow limb differences. We are working on a new solution which will hopefully be available by December 2020. To find out when it is available please join our newsletter.

What is a mitt?

Mitt is an innovative type of prosthetic arm, designed for adults and children with below-elbow limb differences. Unlike traditional prosthetics, mitt is super lightweight and comfortable and is designed to help individuals continue to do the things they love, while also making everyday tasks a little easier. Our current design is the Delta Series Mitt. The mitt sleeve is made from machine-washable fabric and is super easy to put on. Once in place, a range of different tool attachments can be fitted, depending on the task or hobby you would like to do. Whether that's holding a pen or paintbrush, chopping vegetables, doing some gardening with a trowel, typing on the laptop, holding a wine glass or cutlery, sawing, skipping or going for a bike ride. The possibilities are endless! Additionally, when you purchase a mitt you automatically become part of the mitt community and will have your own ‘mitt mate’ assigned, who can answer any questions you may have and will support you every step of the way.

Who can use a mitt?

Mitt is designed for those who have a below elbow limb difference, with a range of options available for both adults and children (from 1year+). Unfortunately, mitt is not currently suitable for those that have a wrist or partial fingers - but we’re working on it! The minimum forearm length being 4cm. Mitt is available worldwide, excluding the US (but we’re working on that too!).

How is a mitt different to other prostheses?

Miss is an affordable, lightweight and comfortable prosthetic arm that uses soft fabric instead of a rigid plastic. It also has easy-to-use tools that clip on and off and can be used for a huge range of tasks.

What can you do with a mitt?

Mitt was created to help individuals continue to do the things they love, while also making everyday tasks a little easier. A mitt can be used for a huge range of hobbies and activities, including writing, cooking, putting on makeup, gardening, DIY, holding cutlery, playing an instrument, skipping, bike riding and much, much more! We are working on ideas for new tool attachments all the time, so the possibilities just keep on growing.

What's a Mitt Mate?

When you purchase a mitt you are assigned a Mitt Mate. A member of the Koalaa team who will help you with any questions or problems you have. They will contact you regularly to ensure everything is okay and you can speak to them about changing sizes, using tools and anything else!

What's the Your Koalaa Community?

After you buy a mitt you will receive and invite to our private Facebook group where we share updates and useful infortmation with you. This is also where we ask everyone to share photos and videos of what they get up to with their mitt, a great place to share ideas and think of new solutions!

What comes in the Delta Mitt Package?

The basic package includes 1 x mitt sleeve and 1 x tool of your choice. We have other packages available on our website shop depending on the number of tools you require. Every package can be purchased as a one-time payment, or in 3 to 6 month installments.

How do I order a Delta Mitt?

All of our products are available to buy directly off our website. Please purchase the package you are interested in and one of our colleagues will call or email to work out sleeve sizing, colour choice and to ensure you have selected the right tools. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us to answer any questions you have before purchasing.

How do I pay for a Mitt?

You can pay in full or in monthly instalments over a year directly on our website using a VISA, Mastercard, American Express, or Paypal. Payments cannot be taken over the phone. We will also accept bank transfers but this delays your order until funds have cleared.

Can I pay for a Delta Mitt in installments?

Yes, there is the option to pay in installments on our website over a 3 or 6 month period depending on the package. This will be renewed each month on the same date as the original order. So for example, if you ordered on 17th June, the next installment will be taken on 17th July. Unfortunately we cannot alter the date that monies are taken.

Can I get a Delta Mitt on the NHS, or from my clinic?

The Delta Mitt may or may not be available from the NHS or your local clinic. We are actively working with NHS and private clinics and some practices do offer the mitt as a choice. Please ask your clinician or health professional that you are interested in a mitt, and ask them to contact us for more details. An up to date list of practices can be viewed here.

Can I hire a Delta Mitt?

Yes, there is the option to hire a Delta Mitt Sleeve and / or tools. Firstly, pay a deposit of £100 to secure your mitt. Once we receive your deposit you will be contacted by one of our colleagues. They will discuss your requirements and send you a sixing form in order to send the correct sleeve. Each sleeve is made bespoke to you, so the current wait time for hire is 4 weeks. In 4 weeks time one of our colleagues will get back in touch to process the hire payment and sign the agreement. Once this is paid, your sleeve and / or tool will be sent immediately 1st class Royal Mail. Your hire agreement will continue on a rolling monthly basis until you wish to cancel and return the mitt. For more details, please check out this link.

The sleeve

How do I wash my Delta Mitt sleeve?

You can put it in the washing machine. We suggested putting the sleeve (without any tools) in a fabric bag before putting in the wash to protect it. A bit like you would when washing a pair of trainers!

How long will a Delta Mitt sleeve last?

Each Delta Mitt sleeve is guaranteed under warranty for 365-days. If you experience any manufacturing defects with that time please get in touch via our website or via email: info@yourkoalaa.com

The Delta Mitt is for my child, what happens when they grow?

One thing about children is... they grow! But never fear, we have the perfect solution. We have introduced a service upgrade - known as the super subscription - which allows you to swap sleeves as and when your child grows. It costs £120 for the year, or an extra £10 / month on subscription. You can find out the full details here, or please feel free to get in touch with us for more info. We request that the older (smaller) mitt be returned so we can recycle it appropriately by donating it to a worthwhile charity or individual.

What size of Delta Mitt sleeve do I need?

When you order from us, we will send a form that will ask for your size. On that form are instructions about which parts of the arm to measure. In essence, it's the circumference of the largest part of your forearm and length of your forearm. Don't worry, one of our team can help if you have any questions.

What materials is the Delta MItt sleeve made from?

Sleeve fabrics are composed of: 94% polyester, 6% elastane.

Is the Delta Mitt sleeve stretchy?

The Delta Mitt sleeve isn't stretchy but it is adjustable using the BOAs. You can tighten and loosen it depending on what task you are doing and on comfort.

What colours does the Delta Mitt sleeve come in?

The Delta Mitt Sleeve comes in three standard colours - Koalaa grey, black and white. The white sleeve also comes with washable felt tip pens that can be used to personalise the mitt and washes off with water. There is the possibility to have a mitt sleeve created in the colour of your choice for an extra cost. Message us for more information!

The tools

Can I buy Delta Mitt tools separately?

Yes, if you have a basic package and are interested in trying more tools please buy directly from our website.

Can I swap or return a Delta Mitt tool if I don't like it?

Delta mitt tools are swappable or refundable within 30-days of purchase if you think that the tool is not right for you. Simply get in touch via our website or email: info@yourkoalaa.com

How do you take a Delta Mitt tool on and off?

Each tool head is equipped with a magnetic "neck". The neck naturally aligns with the magnets in the sleeve("dock"). To attach simply hold by the tool-end and guide the tool neck towards the dock. To dettach, simply peel the neck away from the dock magnets holding onto the tool end.

How do I store a Delta Mitt tool?

Delta Mitt's can be stored like any other piece of clothing. Please keep indoors at a normal room temperature to avoid mould / mildue.

How do I clean a Delta Mitt tool?

The tools are made from nylon so can be wiped down with soapy water. Please do not place them inside the washing machine with the sleeve.

Can I create my own tool?

We have 5 designers in-house that believe they can design for any task. If you would like custom tool, we will work with you closely to create prototypes for you to test, and a final tool that "hits the nail on the head". Price and time to deliver varies so please get in touch with us, so we can help you.

What tool attachments are available?

Please visit the tool section of our website for an up to date list of available tools.

Are there more Delta tools coming?

Yes, we are always working on developing new tools based on user feedback and requests. Please join our newsletter to find out when new tools are available.

How do I know which Delta tool is right for me?

Please visit the tool section of our website to see up to date descriptions and usage of each tool.

Shipping & Returns

How long does it take to receive the Delta Mitt?

All Delta Series Mitts are made bespoke for you! Once we have your sizes, we cut the patterns, afix the boa tightening system and manufacture the tools you require. This currently takes 4 weeks for standard tools and can be up to 8 weeks for custom tools. For custom tools, we will work with you throughout the design process to ensure the tools work as you expect.

What is the Delta Mitt warranty period?

Our warranty on sleeves and tools is 365-days. Should you receive your mitt and are not happy with it within 30-days (cool-off period) of purchase date then simply send the mitt back and we will refund your money.

What happens if a Delta Mitt sleeve or tool breaks outside warranty period?

Unfortunately all products have a naturally life-span. We guarantee the mitt sleeves and tools for 365-days but breakages outside this time are not eligible for a free replacement or refund. If you want to gurantee fully working sleeves and tools please join our super subscription plan.

Where do you ship to outside of the UK?

We can deliver Delta Mitt's to all countries aside from US, and US governed-states. Please be aware that the Delta Mitt is CE marked according to European standards which may or may not be applicable in your country. Please check local guidance before purchasing.

How long will a Delta Mitt take to arrive?

Delta Mitt's take 4-weeks to manufacture and an additional week to ship in the UK, and two weeks to any other country. Each package will be sent tracked using an approriate delivery provider. Your tracking number will be sent to you the day your mitt has been dispatched.

What is your returns policy?

We have a 30-day no quibble cool-off period to try the mitt. If you are not happy with it, please return for a full refund or exchange. Refund postage must be paid for by the buyer.