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What did we learn at LimbBo Day 2021?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

It was our pleasure to take part in Team LimbBo Adventure Day 2021, the first of many in-person events that the Koalaa team is looking forward to attending!

The event was hosted by the LimbBo Foundation and saw 50 families from across the UK coming together for a day of fun and games in the sunshine.

For the children attending, it was an opportunity to meet and play with other children with limb differences – an experience we know was hugely rewarding and valuable for them, especially for those young people who had never met another child with a limb difference before.

The Koalaa team in action

As for the Koalaa team, we were there to provide families who were interested in receiving one, with a free Koalaa prosthetic arm funded through #ProjectLimitless.

Along with the ALX sleeve, which is designed for below elbow and through wrist limb differences, and the Paww, which is suitable for those with partial hands and partial fingers, we also took along our new above elbow prosthetic prototype, which is currently under development.

In total, we went on to provide 35 children at the event with a Koalaa prosthetic – a number of which were made there and then, much to the delight of the families in attendance who could watch them being put together before their eyes!

This included providing Joeyys for children under-3 years old and having four families begin working with us on the development of our above elbow prosthetic.

How did it work?

The adventure day saw small groups of children (plus their siblings and families) visiting the Koalaa tent at staggered times throughout the day.

Ahead of the event, families were invited to submit a few simple measurements, but for those who were unable to do so, the workshop team took the measurements on the spot and their made-to-measure prosthetic were then produced within the hour.

As well as receiving their prosthetics, families were able to speak to the Koalaa team and ask any questions they may have, as well as learning more about the different sleeves and tool attachments.

Once they had their prosthetics, the children were then able to use it if they wished, to take part in different activities that were put on throughout the day, including playing cricket.

What did we learn?

What was really fantastic about the event was seeing the Koalaa team in action, upscaling production and building prosthetics ‘on the road’. We took a huge amount from the face-to-face interactions we had with our users and will be using our learnings to build and enhance our current support channels. Here’s what else we took away from the day:

1. That our users are awesome!

Now, we did already know this but being there in person with all the children and their families was something truly special. Every member of the Koalaa team took so much away from the day and that’s down to the awesome people we got to meet.

At Koalaa, the design of our prosthetics has always been driven by our users – their ideas, their feedback and their aspirations – and we really valued having an opportunity to form new relationships and listen to feedback in person.

2. That there’s nothing quite like seeing the look on a child’s face when they open up their Koalaa delivery!

One of the huge benefits of Koalaa’s virtual clinic model is that we are able to send a prosthetic out to someone without them needing to visit us, or to attend time-consuming visits for measurements and fittings. We can then provide support remotely, at a time and in a way that suits them. The result being that the whole process is really quick and easy.

However, one downside of this is that we don’t always get to meet our users in person, or to witness their reaction. Spending the day surrounded by children and families who use our prosthetics was wonderful. That split-second moment when each child saw and put on their sleeve for the first time and seeing their utter delight and excitement, was something that can never be matched.

3. That we are so lucky and privileged to be doing what we do!

What the event also showed us, is what an amazing team we have at Koalaa, who are all united in their mission to make a difference in the world. It was brilliant for families to meet some of the people behind the company and to ‘put a name to a face’ too.

There was so much laughter and smiles and overall, it was an incredibly uplifting and positive experience for everyone.

Find out more

We cannot wait to be back on the road again, so watch this space for details about future events we will be attending!

If you’d like to find out more about our prosthetics, the holistic support we provide and what you can expect if you join the #KoalaaCommunity, then drop us a message to

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