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The Paww.


For Partial Hands and Partial Fingers.

The Paww combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve that still allows for wrist movement and use of partial fingers but also allowing the user to clip on a range of useful tools.

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The Paww weighs only ... with a standard tool attached which makes it perfect for everyday use!

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It is made from soft materials instead of rigid plastic, making it extremely comfortable to wear.

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The Paww is adjustable using velcro which enables it to grow with you. 

Easy to Don and Doff.

Our Pawws are completely adjustable and easy to put on and take off. The elastic straps wrap around the Paww and secure with velcro making it easy to use! 

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Washing your Paww.

It's super easy to wash your Paww, you simply pop it in the washing machine! We suggest that you put it in a washing bag, like you would with a pair of trainers, and remove the tool before washing it.

Koalaa Grey

The standard colour of our sleeves! Soft and stylish.

Polarr White

Our personalisable option! Can be drawn on with washable pens.

Pandaa Black

A more slick colour option that goes with anything!

The Janet

Inspired by Janet, a brilliant gardener and seamstress!

A 360 twist tool that holds more precise objects

The Janet is a multi-functional tool that holds a huge range of objects such as pens, paint brushes, cutlery, cooking utensils and rackets.

Paww Taylor tool by itself no background

The Amy

Inspired by Amy, Hero's mum.

For gripping smaller, more precise objects

The Amy is a smaller more precise gripper that can be used to grip smaller items such as a mobile phone or a book.

Paww Amy Tool by itself no

The Grace

Inspired by Grace, an amazing musician.

A rotating guitar pick tool.

For playing the guitar or a similar instrument. This tool rotates to achieve the correct angle for playing.

The Sarah

Inspired by Sarah, a bike fanatic!

The Sarah is a curved tool that can grip onto handle bars using velcro.

The Sarah is perfect for gripping any type of handle bars, especially bikes and scooters.

grace paww-01.png
Paww bike tool_.png

Is a Paww right for you?

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