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Koalaa heads stateside for Camp No Limits

Families attending Camp No Limits this summer are invited to ‘test before they invest’ when the Koalaa team heads stateside!

Esme and Maria at Camp No Limits

Between May and September, we will be meeting with young people and their families at various Camp No Limits events being held across the US, including California, Illinois, Connecticut, Tennessee and a teen focused camp in Maine. 

For camp-goers with a below elbow or partial hand limb difference, it will be an opportunity to test out our Koalaa prosthetics (which can be fitted there and then!) and to use them during the camp for a wide range of activities, before deciding whether to take one home.⁠ 

Be that a spot of kayaking, skipping, riding a bike or scooter, painting, playing an instrument, or even gymnastics, complete with handstands and cartwheels.

We had such a fantastic time at the Maryland Camp last year - and having just returned from Camp No Limits Texas - we cannot wait to be back amongst the community once again.


Camp No Limits Texas

Camp No Limits is an extraordinary US-based foundation that supports children with limb loss and limb difference and their families. The organisation has values that match our own - being dedicated to empowering people to lead confident, independent lives. 

For Koalaa team members Esmé and Maria, attending Camp No Limits Texas was an experience they will never forget. 

The weekend began with some yummy ‘s’mores’ enjoyed around the campfire, where they had a chance to speak with families and the camp’s many volunteers, and also met their new bunk mates. 

Over the next two days they fitted a number of children with a Koalaa, who could then swap in and out the different tool attachments as they needed them, for each of the fun activities they took part in across the weekend. 

Nearly all of the children fitted wanted to keep their Koalaa at the end of the weekend and we’re so happy to have them join the Koalaa Community.

Esmé explains: “Meeting with all the campers, family members, volunteers and wider Camp No Limits team was just fantastic, and we really enjoyed getting to know more about them. 

“The highlight of the weekend for me has to be seeing the kids using their Koalaas to try something they hadn’t felt able to - or confident enough - to do before, like skipping and yoga. It was fab to see their reaction and some of the children were also really creative, thinking of loads of other ways they could use their Koalaa.”

Maria commented: “Being at Camp No Limits was an incredible experience! Meeting with so many people and sharing in their stories, feelings and experiences was priceless. 

I was so proud to be there representing Koalaa and helping open up even more opportunities for the children - nothing compares to that. It was so special to be able to fit the prosthetics and then see the children have a go at so many activities, with such a big smile of joy and pride on their faces. That is just one of the things having a Koalaa gives you.”


Join us at Camp No Limits

A huge thank you to Camp No Limits and we look forward to meeting with even more families at the following events:

  • California Camp (May 24-27)

  • Illinois Camp (June 20-23)

  • Idaho Camp (June 26-29)

  • Connecticut Camp (July 10-14)

  • Teen Camp - Maine (August 5-8)

  • Maine Camp (12-16)

  • Maryland Camp (August 22-25)

  • Arizona Camp (September 13-15)

  • Tennessee Camp (September 27-29)

For more information about the individual camps visit: Camp No Limits | Limb Loss Family Program (


Start your Koalaa journey today

The Koalaa Community is growing around the world! 

If you’re interested in finding out more about our seamless, hassle-free fitting process; our comfortable and adaptable Koalaa sleeves; or our tools that support an endless range of activities; then drop us an email to

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