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Reach - Annual Family Weekend

In October our team had the privilege of attending a remarkable charity event hosted by Reach, an organisation dedicated to supporting children and their families with upper limb differences.

The event was a celebration of diversity and the power of support within the community as well as a great opportunity to continue fundraising for the charity.

The Koalaa team pose for a photo together at their stall

A Supportive Space for All

We joined the Reach Family Weekend as friendly faces as well as exhibitors, from the moment we stepped into the venue, it was evident that Reach had put so much thought and effort into this event to create a warm and inclusive atmosphere.

Families and individuals with limb differences gathered in the main hall to connect and share their stories in such a supportive environment.

Koalaa had a stall at the back of the hall alongside a bunch of other awesome exhibitors, it was great to observe friends in the community being reunited and greeting each other with a warm hug!


Empowering Talks and Personal Experiences

One of the highlights of the event was the series of talks from various individuals within the limb difference community. These speakers generously shared a raw and honest account of their personal experience with their limb difference, creating a platform for empathy and understanding. Everyone in the room was moved by the stories shared!


Young Person's Panel

A panel of young people sit on stage together at the Reach weekend

Another standout feature of the weekend was the engaging Young Person's Panel. This dynamic discussion brought together a group of young adult Reach members who openly shared their experiences and insights. Guiding the conversation with finesse and humour was TV host Alex Brooker, who himself has a limb difference! The panel provided a unique opportunity for attendees to gain firsthand perspectives from the younger generation within the limb difference community. Through candid conversations, the panellists shared a sense of honesty and empowerment.


Baking with Briony

Briony stands in the spotlight doing a bake demonstration

Adding a delightful touch to the weekend, the renowned baker Briony May Williams brought her talents to the event with a baking demonstration.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn from a master baker. Briony's presence added a touch of creativity as well as humour, aligning perfectly with the spirit of the event!


Showcasing Koalaa

We were proud to contribute to the weekend by hosting a stall that showcased our prosthetics and tools. The busy atmosphere around our stall was super exciting with positive interactions from both new and familiar faces! One of our favourite parts about attending these events is getting to chat to the community in real life.

We had the opportunity to fit children with our prosthetics on the spot, witnessing the immediate impact our tools can have which was so rewarding!


Gala Evening: A Night to Remember

The fun continued into the evening with a gala event that featured a three-course meal, lively music, and dancing. The highlight of the night was the charity auction, where attendees enthusiastically bid on items to support the Reach charity. The gala provided a perfect conclusion to a weekend filled with compassion, connection, and celebration.

Our experience at the 2023 Reach Family Weekend was epic and we left wanting to do it all over again. It reinforced the importance of creating spaces where individuals with limb differences can come together, share their stories, and give support.

We can’t wait for next year…


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