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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Enhancing the lives of children with limb difference

ProjectLimitless was created with one clear aim - to provide every child in the world

who needs one with a prosthetic arm.

In the UK, the project has already helped 40 children, through partnerships with charities

ambition is to do even more.

At a time when COVID-19 and resultant lockdown measures have meant access to

prosthetic clinics has been severely impacted upon, the need for #ProjectLimitless is more

important than ever.

Having access to a prosthetic can be life-changing for children with limb difference,

empowering them to live life to the full and inspiring them to pursue their passions and

interests. Prosthetics can aid inclusion and independence, and support play, fun, exploration

and everything else a growing child may wish to do.

Along with access, the cost of prosthetics remains one of the major barriers for individuals

with limb difference across the world. So too is the design of traditional prosthetics, which

are designed for adults, and not light enough or flexible enough for children.

The 40 children supported by #ProjectLimitless to date have each received a Koalaa soft

prosthetic, which has been designed with the help of those with limb difference and their

families. Alex Lewis - quadruple amputee, adventurer and founder of The Alex Lewis Trust -

inspired the original idea and continues to be heavily involved in its development today.

Unlike traditional prosthetics, Koalaa’s are soft, comfortable, lightweight and easy to put on – and just a twentieth of the cost. They can be fitted with a range of tool attachments that can be used for everything from bike riding and painting, to playing an instrument, holding a

racket, building with Lego and holding cutlery or drinks.

The ordering and manufacturing processes behind Koalaa mean the prosthetics have been

unaffected by COVID-19. Each one can be made to order from just a few measurements

and is then sent directly to a child’s home.

If you’d like to support #ProjectLimitless and help enhance the life of a child with limb

difference, please click here to donate or donate £5 by texting PLAY05 to 70970.

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