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LimbBo Adventure Day

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Koalaa are excited to once again team up with LimbBo Foundation on their spectacular Adventure Day to be held at Cawthorne Cricket Club near Barnsley on Thursday 26th August 2021.

This blog post is for those invited to attend by Team LimbBo and will include all the details you need for the day.

Also, read on to discover how your little one can receive a FREE Koalaa Prosthetic through Project Limitless kindly supported and funded by Douglas Bader Foundation.

Just in case you are interested, here was the original campaign donation page:

Where will the Adventure Day be held?

The address of the Cricket club is:

Cawthorne Cricket Club,

Dark Lane,



S75 4HJ

Date: Thursday 26th August 2021

Interested in your child receiving a free Koalaa prosthetic on the day?

Just a quick introduction about Koalaa. Koalaa provides soft-comfortable prostheses to children and adults with an upper limb difference. They comprise of two parts; a soft-socket made of fabric just like your clothing, and clip-on tools that can be changed with the press-of-a-button for multiple activities. We believe prosthetics should be fun, and easy-to-use but only when you need them.

We have 3 prostheses:

  • Paww - for those with any palm, hand or finger limb difference

  • ALX - (previously the Mitt) for below elbow and partial wrist limb differences

  • Above Elbow - a new prototype for those with partial elbow or above-elbow limb differences

We believe we can design a prosthetic for any upper-limb difference, but if you are unsure please register anyway and talk to our Limb Buddies about what you need.

If you want to register please follow these instructions:

Above Elbow Limb Difference

Your child is going to be the first in the World to trial our new Above Elbow Prosthetic, code name to be confirmed. It is very much a prototype but it is exciting that we can share these designs with you.

A bespoke prototype will be made for each child attending on the day, but we need a considerably amount of time to get these right for the activities on the day. If you are interested in your child receiving one, please email to register your interest, and Sanish, our resident Above Elbow designer will be in touch.

Child who has already received a Koalaa prosthetic in the past

Great news! We will be updating everyone's prosthetic to the latest model for free. If you have received a mitt or a paww, please email to say that you are attending the LimbBo Adventure Day and one of our Limb Buddies will be in touch asap.

Your first Koalaa prosthetic

If you have never heard of Koalaa before, or you would like to try a Koalaa for the first time, then please register with project limitless on the following page.

On this page you will see a register box for your name, email and telephone number. Once submitted, one of our lovely Limb Buddies will guide you through the process of measurement and will instruct the workshop to make your child's prosthetic for the 26th August. The prostheses will be given out on the day rather than sent before-hand, and we will be on hand to help with fitting, use or any other queries as the day progresses.

If emailing isn't your thing but you are interested in talking about Koalaa prosthetics, then you can text us on +44 7943 114703

All those who receive a Koalaa prosthetic will also receive a Kitty Tool ready for pre-scheduled activities on the day. This tool is perfect for everything your child will be doing. The Limb Buddies will also ask you about activities your child would like to do outside of this Adventure Day.

To learn more about our prostheses, please click this link:

We want to make the most out of the day for you and your children, so please get in touch via email with any questions:

We can't wait to see you on the day!!!!

Love, Team Koalaa

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