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Thank you Project Limitless Donors!

Thanks to you we’ve been able to provide over 300 children, in counting, across the UK with a soft prosthetic at no cost to them or their families.

They’ve each received a comfortable, adaptable, and functional prosthetic suitable for a below-elbow or partial-hand limb difference. They’ve not had to go through any hospital visits, messy plaster casts, blisters, and fuss. Thanks to you, it’s now just them, and their limitless potential.

Project Limitless has helped over 300 kids use a knife and a fork, many for the first time. That’s a lot of kids who can now whizz about on their bikes and scooters with confidence. Amongst our users we’ve got skippers, cooks, drummers, musicians, kayakers, and paddle-boarders.

Your donation has helped give these kids the opportunity to explore their hobbies, their passions, and their sense of adventure without barriers or restrictions.

We are, of course, not stopping here. We still have more children to reach, and we continue to raise awareness of Project Limitless through outreach and links with national charities such as the Douglas Bader Foundation, Reach, LimbBo and OHMI to name but a few.

We’re also constantly taking our users’ ideas and developing new products and tools with the aim of increasing accessibility for everyone. Recent trials we’ve been undertaking include for above-elbow prototypes, child-friendly early sleeves for babies, as well as a dedicated bike arm for enthusiastic cyclers (like our Limb Buddy, Sarah!) and the development of a monkey bar design is also underway. Exciting times!

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