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As Seen On TV


The Joanie is a soft, curved tool designed to scoop up a tennis ball with ease and to launch it into the sky.

Whether you’re serving for fun or competing for the top prize at Wimbledon, you can use the Joanie tool to streamline your serve. Say goodbye to juggling your racket and the ball and focus solely on your game. 


The Perfect Serve


Focus on the court and embrace your inner athlete with
the Joanie tool.


On or Off Court


From launching a tennis ball for your faithful friend, to
playing doubles at school, the Joanie tool is great both on and off the court.


Secure Straps


The Joanie tool is compatible with the ALX sleeve, and can also be worn directly onto the limb with the velcro straps to get that secure fit!




Top tip! Pop the whole tool in a pillowcase and throw in the washer on 30 degrees!

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What have our users been up to?

Inspired by Joanie,the tennis ace!

Talented and driven, Joanie hopes to be the first Paralympian to do every sport! Joanie joined us as a keen surfer in 2022 and asked us, on live TV no less, for a tennis serving tool next. Joanie worked with us through every step of the design and we’re honoured to have her name on the newest addition to the Koalaa catalogue


Get your Joanie Tool now!

Get in touch to find out how to get your very own Joanie Tool! One of our Limb Buddies will be back in touch to give you all the information you need to get started.

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