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Rushton Paww

Using a hook and loop strap that can wrap securely around objects, The Rushton is a multi-functional tool that holds a wide range of small items from pens, paint brushes and cutlery to larger items such as water bottles, brooms & mops, hockey sticks and rackets.


Holding Large Objects


Use the foam inserts to allow you to hold pencils and pencils or use on its own to insert larger objects.




This tool is the go-to for using in the kitchen and around the house to help with your daily tasks!


Sports & Activites


One of our most versatile tools, the Rushton can hold many items such as paddles and sticks! Use this tool on your next adventure.


Your Imagination


From hockey to drums, the Rushton can aid grip on any kind of object.

Get In Touch

What have our users been up to?

Inspired by John Rushton

John Rushton was one of the very first people to try a Koalaa prosthetic and was the inspiration behind this versatile gripper. Cheers, John!

Rushton - Inspired By.JPG

Get your Rushton Tool now!

Get in touch to find out how to get your very own Rushton Tool! One of our Limb Buddies will be back in touch to give you all the information you need to get started.

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