Mitt's resident craftsman.

John's Mitt story

Five years ago, John was a healthy and fit individual working for Royal Mail - but that Christmas was to change his life forever.  John had been feeling slightly unwell but managed to push through it and keep working up until Christmas eve. By that evening he had updated his Facebook status to ‘I feel like I’m dying of man flu’ and he knew it was no ordinary cold.

When his wife returned from getting Christmas supplies, she found John doubled over in pain and immediately called for an ambulance. Upon reaching the hospital, John was diagnosed with a life-threatening reaction to an infection called sepsis. After a month of recovery and care, his doctor delivered the news that for him to live, they would need to amputate one hand partially, one hand from just below his wrist, and both his legs completely.

John's experience using the Mitt prosthesis

Since his amputation and feeling lucky to be alive, John has had a very positive and inspirational outlook on life. He has focused on finding innovative tools and prosthetic options, within the NHS and elsewhere, that might assist him in his daily routines.  John was keen to find tools that would allow him to reintegrate with society and continue doing all the activities he previously enjoyed. And with Mitt, he found an answer! John describes his experience with Mitt as being ‘fantastic.’ His most proud achievement to date is that he has build a birdhouse - something which involved using the saw, pen and glue attachments, with his Mitt arm.  

It’s been our pleasure meeting John and his feedback on the design of Mitt has been invaluable to us, helping us improve the comfort and feel of the arm socket. 

John has found a new sense of joy, with his Mitt enabling him to continue doing the things he loves, as well as trying things he’s never done before. In John’s words, ‘the process has been amazing – the things I’ve been able to do, from cooking to building a birdhouse – a variety of things, it’s given me the ability to do things I really enjoyed doing again.’

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