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See you at LimbBo Day 2022!

It is almost that time of year again: LimbBo Day 2022!

We can’t wait to join in the 2022 event, and it promises to be ever more fun, exciting, and busy than last year! So, while the Koalaa team are squabbling as to who gets to go, what’s in it for you guys?

How about a free Koalaa prosthetic? If you’re based in the UK and under 18 you are entitled to receive a fully funded Koalaa prosthetic and tool, courtesy of the Douglas Bader Foundation and the Alex Lewis Trust. All of our products are also available for purchase via an interest-free subscription service for adults and anyone outside the UK. mnv

Have a child with an upper limb difference?

• Save yourself time on the day and get them signed up to Project Limitless now. Complete this quick online form to register:

• Visit the Koalaa tent on the day and we’ll get your child fitted with their Koalaa sleeve, complete with funky cover and tool of your choice, right there on the day

Already have a Koalaa sleeve?

• Let your Limb Buddy know ( if your child needs a bigger sleeve and we’ll arrange for them to get fitted on the day

• Happy with your sleeve? Why not check out the funky new sleeve covers and tools available to take away on the day (all covered by Project Limitless funding!)

🧘 🤸🏽‍♂️Be part of the Nicole tool launch! 🧘 🤸🏽‍♂️

• Visit the Koalaa tent (with or without a sleeve!) to take part in the launch of the all-new Nicole tool, designed for surfing, gymnastics, and yoga!

• Join yoga guru, Verity, and take some time out on the mats to practice some guided yoga. Everyone is welcome – without or without an upper limb difference!

Chat to the designers!

Have an idea for a cool new tool or sleeve? The Koalaa designers LOVE a seemingly impossible problem! Come over and have a chat and see what things might just be possible 🚀

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