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Rise to the baking challenge with Koalaa!

We know that getting creative in the kitchen is something many members of the #KoalaaCommunity love to do! And so, we’re always looking for ways we might further inspire and support that passion.

Which is why we were so excited to take part in a very special virtual baking event recently, alongside some extra special guests….

Koalaa’s very own Nicole Brennan, founder of I Am Possible, YouTuber Alexis Hillyard from Stump Kitchen and Colleen Hood (@Mad4Minnie) were joined by author Jessica Parham to have a go at a recipe from Jessica’s latest book 'Baking up a Storm'!

The inclusive children’s recipe book follows a young boy who has a limb difference, as he bakes with his mum and all sorts of crazy things start to happen.

You can watch the action here:

1, 2, 3….bake!

The baking session was a chance for Nicole and Colleen put their Koalaa ALX prosthetic sleeves through their paces, to mix up a batch of Jessica's delicious Chocolate Chip recipe.

Unfortunately, due to some technical issues, we didn’t manage to grab Colleen on camera, but she did have this to say:

“I had the best time Baking Up a Storm a few days ago with some amazing friends! We baked Jessica's Chocolate Chip recipe from her new book, and I got to use my Koalaa ALX sleeve.

“We had such a great time bringing Jessica's book to life by making her recipe together. I have NEVER made cookies from scratch before and I felt like a Minnie Martha Stewart!!

“The Koalaa ALX sleeve helped me scoop out the cookie batter way easier, once I figured out the best strategy. I am still practicing but practice makes the best process in everything we do! I didn't have to use my chest or body and loved that I was using the sleeve as a right hand!!”

Who is Jessica Parham?

Children’s author Jessica Parham, from Richmond, USA, is on a mission to help normalize differences and disability through children’s picture books.

She was inspired to write her first book “Good to Be Me” when her daughter Norah started questioning why she was the only one in the family to wear glasses. The same question then came up when Norah saw someone with a limb difference.

As a parent, Jessica was struggling with how to answer these questions and searched for a book that might help. While there were books detailing specific differences, she couldn’t find anything that simply depicted children living life together despite their differences - so she decided to do something about it!

Using simple wording and powerful illustrations, she created a book designed to help lead the conversations being had at home, or in school - and one in which children could see someone like themselves, whatever their difference may be.

To find out more, visit

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