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Project Limitless Update

Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Enough funds raised to provide 150 children in the UK with a Mitt or Paww Prosthetic.

ProjectLimitless was created with one clear aim - to provide every child in the world

who needs one with a prosthetic arm.

In the UK, the project has already helped more than 50 children, through partnerships with charities including Douglas Bader Foundation, Reach, Limbo Foundation and Limb Power.

You may have seen us along with Alex Lewis and some of our amazing Koalaa Community, on BBC and ITV the past few months. We have been fundraising to provide UK children aged under 10 years old with a Mitt (for below-elbow limb difference) or a Paww (for partial hands).

The response the project has received has been absolutely amazing. We are so grateful to every single person who has supported the project or made a donation and we're thrilled to say we have now raised over £100,000 - which means we can provide 150 children with a prosthetic.

Having access to a prosthetic can be life-changing for children with limb difference,

empowering them to live life to the full and inspiring them to pursue their passions and

interests. Prosthetics can aid inclusion and independence, and support play, fun, exploration

and everything else a growing child may wish to do.

One of our most requested tools is the Kitty Tool, which was launched last year and can be used to ride a bike or scooter!

Unlike traditional prosthetics, the Mitt and Paww we have created at Koalaa are soft, comfortable, lightweight and easy to put on – and a fraction of the cost. They can be fitted with a range of different tool attachments, which can be used for everything from bike riding, to drawing and painting, playing an instrument, holding a racket, using cutlery and holding drinks.

But at Koalaa, we aim to do far more! As well as providing prosthetics, we offer holistic support, with each user connected with a personal limb buddy who will support them every step of the way. They also join the Koalaa Community and have access to peer-to-peer support and interaction with other families and users, through our online community.

It is fantastic to see all the children who have been supported through Project Limitless to date, using their prosthetics for a wide range of activities - and even surprising us with inventive ways we hadn't yet considered! Such as Zak, who has been using his Taylor Tool to kayak!

We have had some amazing feedback from parents and some children have taken their Mitt to school with them.

"Aurora started doing mornings at preschool last September. Last week she took her Mitt into school for the first time. The teacher said she has been struggling to cut and hold paper and was getting frustrated, so she took the Mitt in and it was great. Now she takes it in every couple of days and it’s there just in case she wants it." Charmaine, Aurora's mum.

Our private community group for Mitt and Paww users is where parents share how their child has used their prosthetic, it's a great way for everyone to get new ideas for what they could do and how their prosthetic can help with different activities.

Just before Christmas, we sent out a craft pack to every child currently on Project Limitless. It included instructions for how to use a Mitt or Paww to make Christmas themed headbands. It was amazing to see what the children created and how they used their Mitt and tools to do it!

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