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Navigating the World of Prosthetics with the Koalaa Term Guide

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Whether you are new to the world of prosthetics, or you have been a prosthesis user for years, there are so many terms and abbreviations it can get confusing!

Below we have pulled together some of the most commonly used terms within the Koalaa Community, to support you - whatever stage of the journey you may be!

Prosthetics - refers to the technical and medical process of creating and fitting artificial limbs.

Prosthetic - used as an adjective to describe items. For instance, the sock used to cover the limb is called a prosthetic sock.

Prosthesis - while prosthetics refers to the science of creating artificial limbs, the artificial parts themselves are called prosthesis. One piece is called a prosthesis, but multiple pieces are called prostheses.

Doff – the act of removing your prosthesis

Don – the act of putting on your prosthesis

Residual limb – in the case of amputation this refers to the portion of your limb that was not removed during your amputation surgery

Soft prosthetics - prosthetic limbs built with Koalaa’s technology and method.

Sleeves - the soft clothing part of our prosthetics that you wear.

Tools - the attachments that clip onto or are built into our sleeves.

Limb buddies - the Koalaa team members who are available every step of your journey with soft prosthetics.

Are there any other terms that you think we should add to our guide? Comment below and we will be sure to add them!

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