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New Cover Designs Available!

We’ve just launched two exciting new sleeve cover designs inspired by Alex Lewis!

Introducing Mountain Adventures and Travelling Tracks.


Last year we visited Leeds Arts University to challenge the design students with a live brief.

They were invited to choose 1 of 3 set briefs to design a new sleeve cover for our prosthetics. The response we received was awesome and we had so much fun working our way through the patterns!

Alex Lewis is wearing his Koalaa prosthetic

Among the talented pool of submissions, student Amy Carr emerged victorious in the "Alex Lewis" brief.

Alex, a quadruple amputee who lost his limbs to Sepsis back in 2013, is an esteemed collaborator with Koalaa’s prosthetic designs from the very beginning, with our ALX prosthetic sleeve named after him!

The brief was to create a design with muted, earthy, no nonsense colours with themes of adventure, ambition and personality but not to stand out too much from the crowd.

You can watch more on Alex’s story and work with Koalaa here.

Amy's winning designs are now available for all our users to order for both the ALX sleeve and the Paww - perfect for anyone wanting to step into adventure and unleash their wild side.


If you’re interested in jazzing up your sleeve with Mountain Adventures or Travelling Tracks, contact our limb buddies today to order yours -

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