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Spotlight on Sierra Leone - Meet Kadijatu

Kadijatu’s first experience with prosthetics was when she received her Koalaa prosthetic, at the age of 7. 

Kadijatu being fit with a Koalaa prosthetic

Meet Kadijatu, who is 9 years old and lives with her family in Waterloo, Freetown.

Kadijatu was born with a below elbow limb difference, meaning her right arm did not develop fully at birth.

She enjoys using her Koalaa prosthetic to do laundry with her sister, to help her mum with cooking and to do her friend’s hair. Here’s what she told us about her Koalaa.

What do you think of your Koalaa prosthetic?

Kadijatu smiling whilst wearing her Koalaa prosthetic

When I first saw the prosthetics, I liked them but I was very surprised how it works.

My mum gave me the courage to use it and she was happy because I was using it. 

My younger sister likes my Koalaa too and when I put it down she will try to put it on like I do!

Grandma is very happy because she was the one who first saw about Koalaa. I used to ask her, ‘how can I get my arm back’ and when Koalaa came along, Grandma said ‘what you were asking me for is now here!’.  That made me want to practice with it.

What is a typical day like for you?

My normal routine after school is that I will get my uniform laundered and hang it up for the next day, then go to fetch water, because you have to take a bath in the evening. I then help with anything, anyone wants. They will call me and say ‘come help us with this’. 

We like playing games too. One of the games we play is where one team is in the middle and the other team is at the other end. They throw balls at you and anyone the ball touches is out of the game. 

What is it like having a limb difference?

When people ask me about my limb difference, I tell them that my arm is the same as theirs. But it has a difference. That's what I say, we have the same arm. 

Sometimes people treat me differently because my arm is not complete like theirs. But I like the way I am, and nothing is a problem.


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