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Koalaa. Ah; Not Koala.

We have a weird name. It's got an extra a. Why? It's a secret. But it's there and it's important.

There are some similarities! Both Koalas and Koalaas are soft. Were both friendly. We’re both warm and fluffy. But we’re not Australian, we don’t climb trees, and again we have the correct amount of ‘a’s at the end (ie - two).

We chose our funky name for a reason though. We make prosthetics that are soft, and hug onto you. We wanted something that evoked a friendliness to it, something that sounded warm and approachable. And (importantly) that sounded different to the, frankly, horrible medical sounding names that other companies in our field chose.

We’re different. We’re led by the people we're trying to help, and we're here to work with, listen to, and design for you; our awesome user.

So remember Koalaa next time you think of prosthetics. Remember the softness. And remember that extra ‘a’ ;)

Love, Nate

Stay awesome

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