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12 Inclusive Gift Ideas for the Festive Season

The festive season is here, and with it comes the joy of gift-giving!

inclusive gift ideas

If you're on the hunt for inclusive presents that are both meaningful and fun, we're diving into a world of exciting gift ideas that celebrate diversity and make this holiday season extra special!


Books & Toys - Exploring Limb Difference Narratives

Why not add a touch of representation to your gift-giving? There's a fantastic array of books and toys that feature characters with limb differences, offering diverse perspectives and empowering narratives.

The Abilities in Me: Limb Difference by Gemma Keir

A must-read for teachers, parents, and children, this book not only raises awareness about limb differences but also teaches the values of support and kindness.

Check it out on Amazon and follow them on Instagram.

Inclusive books

Baking Up a Storm by Jessica Parham

Join Tate, the main character with a limb difference, as he has a blast in the kitchen baking his grandma's famous cupcakes.

Get a copy here and follow the author on Instagram.

Rae's First Day by Danny Jordan

Inspired by the author's daughter, Rae has a limb difference and a secret superpower!

Grab your copy here and follow them on Instagram.

Splash by Claire Cashmore

Written by gold medalist Paralympian Claire Cashmore, this book follows her journey from being scared of water to overcoming her fears.

Dive into the story on Amazon and follow Claire on Instagram.

Lego Friends - Autumn

Autumn is a Lego character within the Lego Friends who was born without the lower part of her left arm. Autumn is a great representation of limb difference and so fun for the community to see themselves represented in such a positive way!

You can check out Autumn’s character here.


Adaptive Clothing and Accessories

Make a fashion statement with adaptive clothing and accessories designed for those with limb differences.


An inclusive clothing brand creating adaptive pieces suitable for various disabilities. With accessible fastenings, Unhidden's designs are perfect for people with limb differences who may require assistance.

Explore their collection here and follow them on Instagram.


Specialising in bras, underwear, and sleepwear for women with reduced hand dexterity and limb differences, Liberare offers comfort and ease with magnetic fasteners.

Discover their range here and follow them on Instagram.

tailor made gloves for people with limb differences

Knit for a Unique Fit!

Join the online community group organised by Rena Rosen, connecting people with limb differences to those who knit uniquely crafted gloves matching individual hand measurements.

Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

The Able Label

This brand creates garments that make dressing easier and quicker, including watches, earrings, and necklaces with magnetic clip fastenings.

Check out their offerings on Instagram and website.


Daily Living Devices: Gadgets for Accessibility

Explore assistive technology devices that can make daily tasks more accessible and turn them into thoughtful gifts.

Single Handed Products

Offering a range of adaptive products, including the single-handed topple tray and two-handled mugs, Single Handed Products are designed for ease of use for those with reduced balance, shaking, or limb differences.

Explore their products here and follow them on Instagram.

Adaptive kettle made easy to pour for people with limb difference


The "tilt-to-pour" kettle from Uccello is a genius design that makes pouring hot water safe and independent. Say goodbye to lifting, straining, or balancing acts with this innovative kettle.

Check it out on Instagram and on their website.


A silicone cuff designed to assist with daily activities like drinking, eating, and brushing teeth. This versatile cuff can be attached to various objects, making it a fantastic tool for those with limb differences looking for assistive products.

Find them on Instagram and website.


Celebrate Inclusivity in Gift-Giving

Inclusivity in gift-giving goes beyond the act itself; by selecting gifts that cater to the interests and potential needs of individuals with limb differences, you're not just providing practical and enjoyable items — you're sending a profound message of understanding and celebration.

We’d love to hear from you with any of your favourite adaptive items that you use! Leave us a comment down below!

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