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Your Life,

Your Koalaa.

100's of combinations, unlimited outcomes.

With 100’s of combinations Koalaa aims to empower those with upper limb differences to approach tasks in new and exciting ways.



Whether you want to cycle, surf, rock out on a guitar or simply take the first steps to exploring the world of upper limb prosthetics we have the package for you!

Harley using his ALX Prosthetic to ride his bike


What the

are saying...

Our users have grown into an incredible limb different community who love to share their experiences with Koalaa.


Learn about their Koalaa journeys today. 



From tailoring a package to your needs to connecting you with resources, our Limb Buddies are here every step of your journey with Koalaa.

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We have spent the last two years working closely with the #KoalaaCommunity to develop products that are like no other. 

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