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Kitty ALX

A tool with a ball joint and lock. Like the Janet tool, the Kitty has a hook and loop strap that allows it to hold a huge variety of objects from pens, paint brushes and cutlery to cooking utensils, drumsticks and bows.


Eating & Cooking


This tool is the go-to for using cutlery and holding mixing spoons and tools in the kitchen, giving countless options for an adjustable position and angle.

Drum Stick.png



The best tool for violin and cello players, if you’re playing a bowed instrument the Kitty can allow for the perfect bow grip and angle position.




From skipping ropes and cricket bats to paddle boarding and canoeing, the Kitty aids grip in huge range of sporting activities giving unrivalled flexibility and options.


Your Imagination


From cross fit trainers to kayaking - where will the Kitty tool take you?

What have our users been up to?

Inspired by our youngest designer Kitty!

The original inspiration for the Kitty tool came from the eponymous Kitty and her parents, and was originally designed for riding a bike but is now a game changer for countless activities!

"The Koalaa sleeve is so exciting and fun, and you can draw on it. I think it’s really cool. My friends thought it was really cool too, when I took it in to school” - Kitty

Kitty - Inspired By.jpg

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Get in touch to find out how to get your very own Kitty Tool! One of our Limb Buddies will be back in touch to give you all the information you need to get started.

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