About Koalaa

At Koalaa we have built a great community and provide a peer to peer service whereby our limb buddies, who have personal experience with limb difference, support our users in exploring how soft prosthetics could support their lifestyle. 

We have a below elbow soft-prosthetic (The ALX) and a soft-prosthetic for partial hands and fingers (The Paww). 

Comfortable, Affordable, Easy, Prosthetics.

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In November we hit The Wave with ambassadors from The IAMPOSSIBLE Foundation and children who have received Koalaa sleeves through #ProjectLimitless. 


Nicole and Sarah trialed the ALX with our new Surfing tool and loved it! We had the joy of watching Dexter, Verity and Jasper master the waves.

If you would like to help us provide more children in the UK with a free prosthetic please follow the link below to donate to Project Limitless!


Have you seen us on the News?

Koalaa On Tour

The Koalaa Team are on tour! 

We love collaborating with like minded organisations to get people together and have fun. For a full list of the events we will be attending and how to get further information visit our events page, we would love to see you there!

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Our Products

Our soft-shell prosthetic products are lightweight, comfortable and affordable. The ALX - for below elbow limb difference, and The Paww  - for partial wrist and fingers.

To find out more or view our range of tools and what tasks they can be used for, please visit our product page

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There are so many cool blogs, support organisation and resources out there for the limb difference community, that we thought we’d pull them all together in this one handy guide!

Whether you’re looking to connect with others, to ask questions, to hear about different people’s experiences click on the link below.

Meet Our Awesome Users