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Soft upper limb prosthetics for all ages coupled with peer to peer support.

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Start your Koalaa Journey

With 100's of combinations Koalaa is empowering those with upper body limb differences to approach tasks in new and exciting ways


Koalaa are working with Clinicians to develop a service and product that helps to enhance recovery and support patients from day one.


Inclusivity and accessibility are at the core of all that we do at Koalaa. We love partnering up with organisations and businesses that share these values. 

Global Access

Access to prosthetics services is a global challenge and something that we are working to solve here at Koalaa.

Free Innovative and comfortable prosthetics with personalised support, for under 18's in the UK.



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Website graphics-02.png

What the 


are saying...

Our users have become an incredible limb different community who love to share their experiences with Koalaa.  

View our range of products for upper Limb Difference and let us help you pick which one is right for you!


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