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Amy Paww

The Amy is a small gripper that can be used to hold thinner items such as a mobile phone, a book or paper during arts and crafts.


Grabbing Small Objects


Keep that illusive page still while you cut or use it to hold up your hand of cards, the Amy is ideal for those smaller tasks.


Holding Books & Magazines


Tired of your book slipping every time you turn a page? Use the Amy tool to keep your pages together and give you a smoother reading experience.


Push Activated


Intuitive design allows for the tool to be manually opened with ease and for objects to be inserted.

Elastic Band.png

Adjustable Tension


With a simple elasticated design, you can easily adjust the strength and grip tension of the tool to suit your needs.

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What have our users been up to?

Inspired by Amy, Mum of Hero!

Amy, Koalaa limb buddy and Hero's mum, pointed out that it would be great for Hero to be able to hold her toys and thus the Amy tool was born!

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Get your Amy Tool now!

Get in touch to find out how to get your very own Amy Tool! One of our Limb Buddies will be back in touch to give you all the information you need to get started.

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