About Koalaa

Our Mission

Koalaa's mission is to make prostheses comfortable and affordable to anyone on the planet.

What do we offer?

We currently have the Delta Mitt and the Paww available on our store.


The Delta Mitt is a slip-on-and-go prosthetic arm made up of a soft fabric and interchangeable tools. 

The Paww is the same soft fabric and tools but designed for users with partial-hand limb difference.

The aim of this soft-shell design is to be as comfortable as your favourite pair of trainers, but multifunctional like the best builder's tool box.

Meet The Team

Here's our crew. We couldn't sail a ship, but we are good at making prostheses!

Meet the wearers

At Koalaa we think it is important to share experience, listen and be empathetic with our users. Also, as the idea of soft prosthetics is so new, we have created a Facebook Group for those to share their experiences for the benefit of others.
This group is exclusively for our users as a safe space to share stories and advice. 

If you’d like to join the community simply request to join on Facebook.


Over the past year we are honoured to have received a Special Prize from Techstyles 2020 and an Honourable Mention from the Design Intelligence Awards 2020. 


If you would like to buy a soft prosthetic straight away, check out our shop.


Otherwise you can call us, email us or fill in the form on our contact page. Or, you can read some of our FAQs.