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The Amy.


For gripping smaller, more precise objects.

The Amy is a smaller more precise gripper that can be used to grip smaller items such as a mobile phone or a book.

Amy, Hero's mum pointed out that it would be great to be able to pick up smaller items and inspired this gripper tool!

ALX amy tool by itself no background.png
Everyday tasks icon-03.png

Everyday tasks

  • Reading

  • Remote

  • Phone

hobbies icon-03.png


  • Toys

  • Video games

  • Sewing

Sport icon-03.png


  • Skipping

  • Baking

Holding a remote.

This precise gripper can be useful for holding objects such as a remote control or mobile phone. Some of our users have said it's great because it allows them to hold it easily. 

Isabelle Newman - gripper remote.JPG
Zak Artherton Howlett Sewing.jpg


Zak and his parents had an amazing idea of using the Amy Tool to hold a piece of fabric so that he could use his other hand to sew! This tool could also be used to lots of different crafts. 


This tool can also be useful for gripping the handles of a scooter. The Kitty Tool is better for holding handle bars but this tool has also worked perfectly for some of our users, like Aurora!

Aurora Wrigley scooter (1).JPG


ALX taylor tool by itself no background.
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