Due to COVID-19 we are experiencing a 4 week delay on sending rental options.


Please plan a month ahead. 




If you would like to try out our sleeve and tools before buying one, this rental option is for you! 


The first time you rent a sleeve, we will send a special order link that includes sizing information.


Please note that the first months payment acts as a deposit for the mitt, which you will get back once the mitt is returned. You will recieve your order around a month after you place your order.


Only available to UK residents.

Hire a Children's (3+ yrs) Delta Mitt Sleeve & Tool

Tool 1
Tool 2 (+£10 a month - optional)
Price Options
Sleeve + 1 tool
Rental cost per month
£50.00monthly/ auto-renew
Sleeve + 2 Tools
Rental cost per month
£60.00monthly/ auto-renew
    • Each Delta Mitt is made bespoke to you, so sizing shouldn't be an issue, but if it is an issue just let us know, and we will fix it.
    • It takes 4 - 5 weeks for your Delta Mitt Sleeve and Tools to be manufactured, in the meantime you will get a call and / or email from one of us to guide you through sizing and keep you up to date with progress.
    • When your Delta Mitt is shipped, your tracking number will be sent, and don't worry about returns. 
    • The Delta Mitt is CE marked and registered in the UK, fully regulated throughout Europe and by buying this from our UK website you understand that this device may not be regulated in your local territory.
    • Not available in USA - if you are from US please get in touch, we are actively working to get FDA approval.

    Full shipping and returns terms 

    • By placing an order you are agreeing to rent or hire a Delta Mitt Sleeve and / or Tool according to these Terms of Hire.
    • Once you place your order, we will start to manufacture your Delta Mitt sleeve and / or tool. It is likely to take 4 weeks to manufacture. At the end of your rental period we will reimburse you any extra months you might have paid.
    • If you wish to purchase your rental Delta Mitt Sleeve and / or Delta Mitt Tool at the end of a month, then we will reduce the cost by 10% each month you have rented. For example, if you have rented for 2 months, that is equivalent to a 20% discount on the DeltaMitt.