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The ALX is the perfect fit for below elbow and partial wrists. Made up of a flexible sleeve with a soft fabric cover to hold it in place, the ALX is unlike any other prosthetic on the market. Whereas most rigid prosthetics rely on friction, suction or a pin lock mechanism,  the ALX grips more like sportswear, strong, soft and snug. 


The ALX sleeve is compatible with a wide range of detachable tools opening the door to countless activities. 


What's in your Koalaa Order?

1x ALX sleeve

1x Sarah Tool

1x Nicole Pro Tool

1x Kitty Tool

1x Wildflower Meadow Cover

1x Black Cover

Emily's ALX Bundle

  • Each Koalaa prosthetic is made bespoke to you, so sizing shouldn't be an issue, but if it is an issue just let us know, and we will fix it!

    It takes 1-2 weeks to be manufactured, in the meantime you will get a call and/ or email from one of us to guide you through sizing and keep you up to date with progress.

    When your Koalaa prosthetic is shipped, your tracking number will be sent, and don't worry about returns. We have a 30-day full refund policy, and a 365-day manufacturers warranty.


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