Mitt Trial

Updated: Jan 5

54 users trialled the Mitt in December 2019, read more about it in this blog.

During the latter half of 2019, Mitt undertook an internal trial to assess and validate its new artificial limb (prosthetic). 54 individuals, ranging from 3 months to 74 years of age, were invited to take part in the trial, all with a trans-radial (below elbow) limb difference. The trial lasted for 3 months.

Each participant was asked to self-measure their limb using our measuring guide, providing two measurements: from the cubital fossa to the end of the residual limb, and the circumference of the largest area of the limb. This ensures the user is matched to our sizing system, like getting a new pair of shoes.

Participants were asked to select one tool from our catalogue, which they thought would be most useful to them, alongside a general ‘rotating’ tool which we provided to everyone. Participants were then surveyed throughout the trial and at the end. A summary of the overall results can be seen below.

Although mostly positive, there were areas for improvement across comfort and fit which have been addressed in direct collaboration with users across the entire redesign. The results from this trial have been invaluable to the Mitt team, enabling a redesign of the prosthetic so it truly meets the expectations and needs of our users.

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