This is the Delta Series Mitt Sleeve.

A novel soft-shell sleeve design that brings comfort and joy to wearing below-elbow prostheses.

Using the comfy breathable materials of footwear to create a lightweight and adjustable sleeve


The sleeve can be easily donned and doffed within seconds and without any training. This is because:


  1. We make the sleeve custom to you in only a matter of weeks, so it is sized properly

  2. The design is a simple cone shape that can easily fit any sized arm

  3. This cone is attached to a cuff that goes above the elbow for super security

  4. Then the cone can be made bigger or smaller by pulling or tightening the Velcro

  5. We have added a Boa system designed for finer adjustments to suit your preferred feelings of tightness

All of this means that it can accommodate swelling and shrinkage as your limb naturally changes throughout the year. 


For more details, please check out our fitting guide


A little bit more about adjustment. The Velcro allows for a wide cone shaped gap to put your limb into at the start, then by twisting the boa, the Velcro gets tighter and tighter until you are happy with it. We have tested this on children and adults and believe that it is one of the most adjustable combinations available and is widely used in shoe design to accommodate all manner of foot shapes.



Why hasn't anyone done this before we hear you say. When designing the mitt we looked at the multitude of great comfy fabrics used in trainer design. They are flexible, they are soft, the are breathable and people wear them for hours at a time without much complaint. We have taken those principles and created an unique soft-shell prosthetic.

In addition to the fabric, we have added silicon strips around the cuff for added security.



We currently have 3 colour options for the Delta Mitt sleeve. Dark grey, black and white - which can be personalised using felt-tip pens


We think it is really important to be able to make the Delta Mitt fit the style of the user. The children on project LiMITTless loved colouring in their sleeves and creating their own designs.


Why not use some Velcro and foam cut-outs to create your own super sleeve! Here is one we made for our Founder Nate (a big ironman fan!) earlier.


With a range of tools and a unique soft-shell sleeve we hope that we can offer something different.  

  • The mitt sleeve is like slipping into your favourite pair of trainers. They are soft, they feel comfortable and they adjust to fit you properly.

  • The mitt tools are like the best builder's toolbox. Some are designed for a multitude of simple tasks whilst others are designed to make one task super easy, and super enjoyable.

It's a new idea but something that we believe is quick, comfortable and functional. If this is something you think you or a loved one would like to try, then please click the below links to learn more.


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