The Rushton.


For gripping a range of larger objects.

The Rushton is a large bulldog clip gripper that can be used to hold glasses, mugs, a hoover, mop or brush handle and many more.

Everyday tasks

  • Hoovering

  • Cleaning

  • Drinking

  • Holding fruit

  • Bottles


  • Wine glass

  • Cooking

  • Baking

Holding a mug.

Many of our amazing users have used the large gripper tool to hold a mug of tea, coffee or hot chocolate! It is also useful for holding bottles and glasses too.

Gripping a hoover.

Another useful task this tool can help with is holding the handles of a hoover, broom or mop. We hadn't thought of using the gripper tool for this until Janet suggested it!

Holding a glass of wine.

Another very popular use of this tool is to hold a wine glass. Both Alex and Kim have really enjoyed being able to hold a glass of wine again!


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