The Delta Mitt is being replaced by a new design - the ALX sleeve. It is more comfortable and easy to use! If you would like more information about when this will be available, please contact us!

The Delta Mitt.


For Below Elbow and Through Wrists.

The Delta Mitt combines a slip-on soft fabric sleeve custom made to fit you with a range of clip-on tools that give 100's of new opportunities to the wearer. With a special design for children under 3 years old which you can see below.


The Delta Mitt weighs only ... with a standard tool attached which makes it perfect for everyday use!


It is made from soft materials instead of rigid plastic, making it extremely comfortable to wear.


The Delta Mitt is adjustable using BOAs which enables it to grow with you. 

Easy to Don and Doff.

Our sleeves are completely adjustable and easy to take off using  the BOA ® system we have. 

  • The BOA® Fit System delivers a powerful and secure fit that is effortless for the patient to tighten with the turn of a micro-adjustable dial.

  • The BOA® Fit System delivers power without compromising precision, allowing you to move further, faster, and stronger.

Sleeve small.jpg

Washing your sleeve.

It's super easy to wash your Delta Mitt, you simply pop it in the washing machine! We suggest that you put it in a washing bag, like you would with a pair of trainers, and remove the tool before washing it.

Colour options:

Koalaa Grey

The standard colour of our Sleeves! Soft and stylish.

Polarr White

Our personalisable option! Can be drawn on with washable pens.

Pandaa Black

A more slick colour option that goes with anything!

Is a Delta Mitt soft prosthetic right for you?

The Joeyy soft prosthetic

Our soft prosthetic for children under three is coming soon!

The Joeyy

For babies and toddlers under three.

The Joeyy is a soft fabric sleeve for children under three years old that uses velcro to tighten it. It is comfortable and lightweight making it perfect for everyday wear.


If you are interested in a Joeyy, please contact us to be put on the waiting list for when it is released.